Noah Simms

When I was four years old, I raced ‘Sprockids’ on a Hardwood Wednesday Night and was immediately hooked on Cycling. I would continue to spend the next 10 years zooming around the trails of Hardwood Ski and Bike, racing every Wednesday with my best-friends in the ‘Silver Devo Program’. I joined Centurion Next Wave in it’s inaugural season alongside 7 of my closest buddies, which began my slow transition into a Road Cyclist. I instantly loved the mental game behind the Peloton; the role of tactics added another dimension to my racing. The three years I spent in the Centurion Next Wave were vital to my development, beginning with getting dropped at Youth Cups, and ending as National Team Athlete in 2016. Currently I am racing with the Toronto Hustle Team throughout North America, with the goal of securing a Professional Contract in 2019.