Mike Garrigan

I was a Hardwood athlete for several years starting to train full time at Hardwood after 2001.

Skiing, snowshoeing and riding in the winter along with riding and racing in the summer. I really loved the daily training environment from a high performance standpoint as well as the community that the facility fosters.

I’m still very close friends with several people I met and spent time with in the woods at Hardwood, including my coach Steve Neal who I worked with at Hardwood almost daily, the training partners I met and spent hundreds of hours with training and the regular customers and families who frequented the facility that you would meet and spend time with from day to day.

Hardwood also facilitated and fostered my love for helping people learn how to ski and ride, through coaching opportunities with their school programs (I was an instructor) and their high performance team (I was coaching the riders on the Hardwood team for several years).

Hope you all enjoy the process there at Hardwood, and hope the partners involved with the program appreciate the magnitude of impact and lasting impression they are having on everyone involved.