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Why Sponsor HNW?

Cycling is one of few sports that fully embraces corporate sponsorship. Team uniforms display sponsor logos throughout the entire year at races, training and charity rides, and other cycling-related events. As a lifelong activity, cycling appeals to children, families and adults, reaching a broad audience that goes beyond traditional demographics. Cycling is the second most popular recreational activity in the world, attracting significant public attention with a high media presence. It offers an exciting, results driven, technologically innovative sport in a healthy, environmentally sound format.

Company logos are prominently displayed on the team’s website, team uniforms, social media outreach, and printed materials, with design space and size allocation based upon total value of the sponsor’s contribution to the team’s budget. Bicycle racing can be expensive for active competitors, with racing bikes ranging from $2,000. – $10,000. Typical additional annual expenditures (travel, equipment, clothing, coaching, fees, etc…) for an active racer can easily exceed $15,000. HNW uses its budget to defray the cost of team uniforms, rent training facility, coaching fees, race support, and the use of professionals (seminars, skill sessions, on-site interventions) for essential skill sets in nutrition and sport psychology, physiotherapy and chiropractic to build whole athletes.

Sponsorship Levels

We have various levels of sponsorship to suit both your business and our team needs.

Supporter - $500

Includes: website logo placement with link to your website, mentioned in press releases as supporter

White Jersey Sponsor - $1,000

Includes: social media tags, hashtags, and mentions and logo on team banner hung at all races and events

Green Jersey Sponsor - $5,000

Includes: placement of your logo on back or front of our team jersey worn at all races and events.

Yellow Jersey Sponsor - $10,000

Includes: placement of your logo on back or front of our team jersey worn at all races and events.

Powered by Sponsor - $25,000

Includes: powered by listing on the front of the team cycling jersey worn at all races and events as well as seen everywhere the team name is mentioned, logo posted on training facility at Hardwood Ski and Bike.

What your sponsorship achieves for Hardwood Next Wave Cycling

As previously mentioned, our goal is to make a positive impact as advocates of cycling and allow team members to attend larger marquee events. Your contribution brings us that much closer to making our goals achievable. Our contributing partners are crucial to the continuing success of our team. As a development team, most of our funding relies on the generosity of our sponsors. The cost of participating in cycling, which includes: licenses, race fees, travel, equipment, and uniforms quickly adds up to be a large expense for our team members. Your support ensures that every team member will have an opportunity to compete at the highest level with the most visibility.

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