The Race Team

The HNW Performance Team program is built around building excellence in our three disciplines of Road, Mountain XCO and Cyclocross. Our unshakeable belief that all disciplines contribute and build upon the other is central to our program’s success. We build robust, performance driven athletes by first preparing their bodies for the demands of their sport in the gym with a variety of challenging exercises from Olympic lifts, power based movements, speed and agility training, sport specific work and non-discipline specific exercises. At the core of our ethos is hard, soul crushing work. HNW has set the benchmark for high performance in North America. While our competitors are working hard to catch up, we continue to push for excellence, minimizing the gap to the world’s best.

The race team is U13-U23 multi-discipline: Road, Mountain XCO and Cyclocross with athletes in each discipline committed to training and maximizing their performance.


Intensive training including long road rides with maximum elevation gain, criterium training sessions, ITT and TTT training, focused interval training, motor-pacing, bike handling skills, ITT skills.


Gap analysis -> apply measures to minimize gaps including intensive skills training (features, high speed bike handling, drops, air position) on trail and @JoyRide, both group and individual interval training, race pre-rides, weekly series for maximum stimulus and acquisition of skills.


Gap analysis -> heaviest focus on skills, specific interval training, group stimulus, use of higher caliber/deeper competition in US, weekly series to punctuate both form and skills acquisition.

Additional Information

For our strength training, we include: Olympic lifting, plyometrics, agility and speed training, all of which are designed to build superior athletes, mitigate late-performance fatigue, injury prevention and minimize cycling specific imbalances. This runs January through April twice a week at HSB, and maintenance training once a week May through November.

Regular run training in conjunction with S&C to expand aerobic capacity, injury prevention, maintenance of CX specific demands. This runs once a week May through November.

U19 and U23 champions mentoring of younger development athletes.

Use of professionals (seminars, skill sessions, on-site interventions) for essential skill sets in nutrition and sport psychology, physiotherapy and chiropractic to build whole athletes as well as injury prevention.

The cost for joining the Performance race team is $1325+HST (no HST <15). Those riders who wish to race must possess a valid UCI license. All riders must submit kit sizes by Jan 28th, 2019 (Fittings at Crank and Sprocket Bicycle Co. in Orillia from Jan 14-25 and extra kit can be ordered at that time as well). Riders are required to sign a team rider contract to obtain discounts with our sponsors. Only riders who are registered with the team can order the Hardwood Next Wave team kit and receive sponsor discounts.

  • Certified Coaching Staff who are committed to the progress of each individual athlete
  • Hardwood Ski and Bike Summer Season's Pass Holder
  • Hardwood Ski and Bike Wednesday Night Race Series
  • Team discount at Hardwood Retail Shop
  • Team discount for Hardwood Ski and Bike Winter Season Pass
  • Team discount at The Crank and Sprocket Bicycle Co.
  • Team Kit (includes one long and one short sleeve jersey, bib shorts and socks)
  • Team support at all Ontario-Cup MTB races and many other events

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