HNW supports Simcoe County Mountain Bike Club

The Simcoe County Mountain Bike Club and Hardwood Ski and Bike have maintained a very positive long-standing relationship for the mutual benefit of supporting mountain biking and trail development in our area. We have recently been advised of the creation of the Hardwood Next Wave Cycling Team (amalgamation of the former Team Hardwood Trek and Centurion Next Wave Cycling Teams). The Hardwood Next Wave board of directors approached SCMBC to further enhance our relationship through a youth rider development initiative that has emerged from the creation of this new team.

Hardwood Next Wave Cycling is proud to support SCMBC and our trail work efforts in appreciation of the community trail system that can be utilized for youth rider development and instruction.

We are pleased that the coaches and youth members of the team will display the SCMBC member tag to show support. The coaches and team leaders will be able to set an example for the young riders to help them develop an appreciation for the efforts required to produce and maintain a large community trail network. They will also be mindful to instruct their members on the use of bi-directional busy public trails and how that differs from a closed racecourse. This will allow for the training to be conducted but still provide a safe environment for all riders on the SCMBC stewarded trail system. The team riders will be in the cycling jersey depicted below, flying SCMBC member tags.

We would like to welcome Hardwood Next Wave Cycling Team and wish them all the best. 

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